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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Being in Beauty

B e i n g    i n   B e a u t y
A   m e d i t a t i v e   e x p l o r a t i o n

When       12th to 18th September 2011
Where      Nilambur, Malapuram, Kerala

A gathering to de intellectualize, de conceptualize and de institutionalize beauty,
The attempt is to recover the natural way of being in the world which has been damaged by the modern culture.
Homogenization, mechanization, fragmentation is the beingness of modern man.
Spontaneity is replaced by planning and control which stems from the fear of unknown and uncertainty. The beingness of modern man is in reason.
This damage is brought about by the shift in language as communication tool to language as cognitive tool.

Learning to see
The biggest damage caused by textualisation of experience is the loss of the senses. So the retreat is about recovering our ability to SEE without conceptualization. Only true seeing can take us out of the conceptual world in to the real concrete world.
Insight occurs with clearer seeing.

Learning to be
This happens when seeing becomes natural, non-conscious. Involuntary.
When one is aware of being aware awareness is lost. Children are aware without being aware. Recovering our childlike quality might help us to be.

For whom
Anyone who wants to reclaim the authentic natural learning process and creativity. This could help Parents and teachers to enable them to see children’s real potential and to enable them to let children be.
Fees  and registration
Rs10,000 to be paid by 30th August 2011 along with the registration form. Any contributions over and above the basic  registration fees are welcome to support those who can’t pay. (Fees also includes stay and food)
Stay and food
Simple stay will be arranged in a neat hotel in Nilambur town and food will be Kerala traditional home food.
Nilambur is 70 km from Calicut, 100 km from Palghat and Trichur Rly station. 45 km from Calicut airport. Passenger trains run between Nilambur rly station and Shornur. 

Contact for more details.

Postal address: Surabhi, S.N.Park, Thrissur, Kerala. 680004


  1. dear jinan,
    i am thrilled, this is happening...
    and sad that i will miss it...

    longing for a gujarat event grows...


  2. great show keep it up, beautiful as ever

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