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Reflections contd....

hi Jinan,
how is Chinnu? Hope she is busy in her play and learning and has got over absence of her new friends.

Personally to me the Retreat and meeting you made lot of sense, to what i had observed about schooling.

The evening we came back, Shree wanted to have a head shave, for she did not like to apply oil and comb her hair. She was so joyously allowing her head to be shaved. And she was happy till her sister and other adults kept questioning her why she took head shave.........
and after that now she is not sure of why she took it and she appears pretty confused. Though i am assuring her she looks as pretty as earlier and her school teachers also assured her the same, the child is still confused and wants to wear caps to escape questions from adults.
the situation is so similar to my decision of staying away from schools. It was joyful and full of trust upon life. But now so many feedbacks and peer group stress....i was so confused.But it was nice meeting you for it reassured my decision to stay away from schools.

shall forward my responses about the Retreat, before tomorrow evening.

warm regards